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June 17, 2024

Madhav Kandali is one of the best poets of the pre-Shankara era of Assamese literature. Shankardev called him ‘Apramadi'(peerless) . Assamese Ramayana is his main fame. In his Ramayan out of seven Kand (chapter) ‘Adikand’ and ‘Uttarakand’ are not found.. Shankardev also got the Ramayana of his Ramayana in five Kandas . To gift Assamese people a full-fledged Ramayana, Shankaradeva asked to his beloved disciple Madhavdev to write ‘Adikand Ramayana’, and he himself wrote ‘Uttarkand’. In Assamese literature the ‘Saptakanda Ramayana’ is a compilation of the writingss of Madhav Kandali, Madhavdev and Shankaradeva. See the starting lines of ‘Aranyakand’ written by Madhav Kandali-
Jai Namo Ramchandra Prabhu Bhagwanta.
Jahar Leelar Keho Napavant anta.
Ichchhamatre howe srishti palan sanhaar.
Hen ram pade karo koti namaskar.. 2619
It means Hail to Lord Rama, There is no end of his glory . His desire leads to creation, upbringing and destruction. I greet great Ram’s feet.
Bhakti movement has been an important contribution in Indian society and culture. In the medieval era, devotees and saint poets had changed the condition and direction of Indian society. These devotees and saints did various works for the promotion of devotion in their respective regions. In the backdrop of this Bhakti movement, there have been significant contributions of the earlier poets. In Assam, the flag of devotion was handled by Srimanta Sankardev. Shankaradev, with the support of his beloved disciple Madhavdev, earned the reputation of ‘Ek Sharan Hari Naam Dharma’.

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