August 2021
May 28, 2024

Two Day National Webinar in Dimoria College, Khetri, Assam

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Department of Hindi, Dimoria College is going to organize a two-day national webinar on 23, 24 August, 2021 from 3:00 pm onwards in collaboration with IQAC, Dimoria College.The title of the webinar is ‘Art, Culture, Literature and Northeast India‘. The sub-topics include – Festivals of Northeast India, Languages ​​and Literature of Northeast India, Various Arts of Northeast India, Bhakti Literature of Northeast India, Contribution of Scholars in Art, Culture and Literature of Northeast India, Journals and Magazines of Northeast India and other subjects related to the original theme.

        The Coordinator of the programme Dr. Jashodhara Bora, Assistant Professor of Hindi, Dimoria College, told that the main objective of this webinar is to connect Northeast India with the rest of India by making the rest of India aware of the vast Art, Culture and Literature of Northeast India.

        Under the direction of Dr. Biman Bhatt, Principal of Dimoria College, this National Webinar will be inaugurated by Dr. Mallika Kandali, Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science in RG Baruah College, Guwahati. Dr. Kandali has been playing an important role in the field of Sattriya dance of Assam in the country and abroad as well.

        Dr. Ritamoni Baishya, Head of Department of Hindi, Gauhati University will participate as the Resource person of the programme. Dr. Baishya has been playing an important role in taking the society, literature and culture of Assam to the national level through Hindi. The writing and translation of the Bhakti literature of Assam is particularly noteworthy. She is the Editor of ‘Shodh-Chintan Patrika’, the first Hindi e-research journal of Northeast India.

        Dr. Milan Rani Jamatia, Assistant Professor in the Hindi Department of Tripura University and Professor Jai Kaushal, Head of the Department of Hindi, Diphu Campus of Assam University will also participate in the webinar as Resource persons. Dr. Jamatia has done many important works on the literature and culture of Tripura. He is credited with publishing the folk literature of Tripura authentically through Hindi.  

        Dr. Jai Kaushal is known amongst the distinguished scholars working on the art, literature and culture of the Northeast. For the past many years, he has been serving Northeast India through Hindi. 

        It may be mentioned that in the joint editing of Dr. Ritamoni Baishya, Dr. Milan Rani Jamatia and Prof. Jai Kaushal, Hindi e journal ‘Poorvottar Srijan Patrika’ is being published. ‘Poorvottar Srijan Patrika’ is an authentic document of various aspects of the society of Northeast India. The journal has got a lot of respect in the country and abroad as well.  

        The platform for this National Webinar will be ZOOM. For free registration, click on ‘CLICK HERE’ of the PDF attached along with. Submit the Abstract in 500 words in both Word and PDF format of Mangal Unicode Font before 15 August, 2021. Conductor of the programme Dr. Bora has requested to contact the following mobile number and e-mail for information related to this. 

Contact No. : 8761870277

e-mail :  

Registration link:

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